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Coinado is a remote torrenting service. We do the torrenting for you, worry about seeding, keep your privacy and deliver the file over an encrypted connection. After requesting a file, the torrenting happens transparently on our servers and a minute later the file starts streaming to you.


Fast downloads

Our servers can quickly ramp up a torrent and stream it to you as soon as the first pieces of data are available. This is often faster than if you had torrented it on your machine - give it a try!

Torrent anonymously

All communication with Coinado is encrypted, which includes the exact URL you are requesting. Your ISP only sees that there is an encrypted connection to Coinado itself has a strict no log policy.

No need to worry about seeding

Download and forget. We stick to torrent etiquette on your behalf. All torrents are seeded to a ratio of 3 or up to 30 days, whichever happens first.

Pay as you go

Top up with Bitcoin and only pay for what you use - downloading a 1 GB file comes out to $0.05.



  • pay-as-you-go
  • no minimum top-up
  • no monthly fees
  • payable in Bitcoin

Example: Downloading 2 GB every day for a month would cost you $3.


Q: Does uploading/seeding count against my balance?

A: No, all torrent activity on the server - both upload and download - is independent of your balance. Only the transfer of the resulting file from the server to you is counted against your balance.

Q: Are private trackers supported?

A: Yes, private trackers are supported and the private flag for torrents is taken into account.

Q: How can I get bitcoins?

A: Take a look at, or These are regulated financial institutions, so opening an account there is sometimes as involved as opening a new bank account. If you prefer a more Craigslist-style approach, take a look at