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Coinado is a remote torrenting service. We do the torrenting for you, worry about seeding, keep your privacy and deliver the file over an encrypted connection. After requesting a file, the torrenting happens transparently on our servers and a minute later the file starts streaming to you.


Fast downloads

Our servers can quickly ramp up a torrent and stream it to you as soon as the first pieces of data are available. This is often faster than if you had torrented it on your machine - give it a try!

Torrent anonymously

All communication with Coinado is encrypted, which includes the exact URL you are requesting. Your ISP only sees that there is an encrypted connection to Coinado itself has a strict no log policy.

No need to worry about seeding

Download and forget. We stick to torrent etiquette on your behalf. All torrents are seeded to a ratio of 3 or up to 30 days, whichever happens first.

Command line friendly

It's just HTTP. Besides your web browser, feel free to use any other HTTP-capable tool - like wget or lftp - to automatically fetch torrents.



  • pay-as-you-go
  • no minimum top-up
  • no monthly fees
  • payable in Bitcoin

Example: Downloading 2 GB every day for a month would cost you $3.

Advanced usage

Coinado can be used with just a web browser. But its simple APIs also make it straightforward to use any other HTTP-capable tool to quickly put together a customized solution. Here are some suggestions:

Save the following script as 'coinado-lftp', make it executable and available on your PATH.



Calling the script with an info hash of a torrent will drop you into an lftp session where you can browse the contents of the torrent and download individual files. The first part of a magnet link describes the info hash of a torrent.

> coinado-lftp 42ade26404772e26f1de2111b317f6543b51be0e
lftp> ls
drwxr-xr-x -- Sintel.2010.2K.x264-VODO

Check out lftp's mget command, which allows for wildcards to select which files to download.

The next script 'coinado-lftp2' expects a torrent file instead:


url=$(curl -s -L -F "file=@$1" -o /dev/null -w %{url_effective}
lftp "$url"

It uploads the torrent file and then uses lftp again to browse the contents.

> coinado-lftp2 big_buck_bunny.torrent
lftp> ls
-rw-r--r-- -- big_buck_bunny_1080p_surround.avi

For users of Kodi, the open source home theater software, Coinado can provide a collection of STRM files. Kodi supports STRM files, which will appear in the library like any other media file, but don't contain any data except for a link to where the actual video can be accessed (i.e. streamed). If you have, for example, a torrent with a number of episodes, then Coinado can provide an archive with an STRM file for each episode. These can be added to Kodi's library without using much disk space. Only when the episode is accessed from Kodi will the download happen - again via Coinado. Note that you might have to try this multiple times, as Coinado needs a bit of time to start the stream and Kodi times out fairly quickly.

You can find the archive of STRM links here:


Q: Does uploading/seeding count against my balance?

A: No, all torrent activity on the server - both upload and download - is independent of your balance. Only the transfer of the resulting file from the server to you is counted against your balance.

Q: Are private trackers supported?

A: Yes, private trackers are supported and the private flag for torrents is taken into account.

Q: How can I get bitcoins?

A: Take a look at or These are regulated financial institutions, so opening an account there is sometimes as involved as opening a new bank account. If you prefer a more Craigslist-style approach, take a look at

Please note: Coinado will shut down after January 1st 2018 - please use up your remaining balance until then. Thank you for having been a Coinado user!